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Unlike conventional towers, escomatic towers are developed on the basis of a single principle. The material, supplied in the form of a crown or bar, has no rotational movement. It is the tools, supported by a rotating machining head, that rotate around this material, thereby generating the chip removal motion.

The very high performance and savings resulting from this principle applicable to the production of small, medium and large series of parts have made the escomatic products famous.

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Adjustment – Maintenance – Spare Parts

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of escomatic machine tools, Odimatic is the expert in the field in Haute-Savoie, ensuring for machining professionals:

  • Maintenance, servicing and repair of professional machinery
  • The adjustment of the escomatic machine tools according to the defined parameters
  • Emergency troubleshooting to ensure production resumes swiftly
  • The sale of spare parts and machines for optimal monitoring of manufacturing

Odimatic intervenes on request to provide all machining professionals with tailor-made solutions and provides all emergency repairs (7/7 – 24/24).


By an escomatic specialist

With highly technical knowledge and specialized operational know-how, Odimatic is an approved trainer to offer machining professionals general training in the adjustment and maintenance of escomatic machine tools.